Direct Mail

There is nothing so impactful in this electronic age as having something interesting land on your desk, or arrive in your letterbox along with all the boring bills and flyers from tree removalists.

At Crockford Carlisle, we love direct mail because it allows us to get creative – in some cases, wildly creative – yet still stay true to your brand and remain on message.

Direct mail campaigns we have been involved with over the years include everything from simple catalogues, postcards and discount coupons, right up to clever, yet relevant, 3-dimensional items such as umbrellas, rulers, drinks coasters, product samples and more.

One of the best things about direct mail is that it can capture your prospect’s full attention, free from distractions and competing messages.

And not just any old prospect, but a precisely targeted one, carefully chosen from an accurately defined mailing list that matches target customers who should find your specially crafted message very appealing.

Your direct mail list can be bought, using parameters such as postcodes and socio-economic factors, or it can be made up of existing paying customers who may be more disposed to make a repeat purchase.

Either way, it will be an extremely accountable campaign; you’ll know exactly what it cost you and, at the end of the day, what your ROI was based on the number of responses.

Depending on its degree of success, Crockford Carlisle will suggest repeating the campaign, perhaps on a secondary market, fine-tuning it to achieve an even higher response, or carrying out a follow-up campaign.