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You already know that you want to use Inbound Marketing as your core strategy. It’s powerful. It’s effective. And it’s proven to reduce your cost-per-sale. The question is, how do you get the well-written, well-designed content you need to power your campaigns? You’ve found your answer. Right here. At Crockford Carlisle. The team at our Brisbane Content Marketing agency has the know-how, the experience, and the expertise to develop and implement a Content Marketing strategy that connects you with MORE potential buyers — and brings them through your sales funnel to the point of decision.

Content Marketing Agency

How does Content Marketing work?

There are all kinds of people out there that you can help. They have:

  • Problems that you can solve
  • Pains that you can take away
  • Dreams that you can fulfil
  • Objectives that you can help them to reach, or
  • Concerns that you can soothe.

And they have money to spend to get the job done. Money they can spend with you! It would be great if they all had an uncontrollable urge to fling a fistful of cash your way. But they don’t. Not yet anyway. They don’t know you yet. They don’t trust you yet. They are still wondering about your ability to deliver on your promises. And they are looking at your competitors to see if they offer better value. Or can do a better job. A clearly defined and properly implemented Content Marketing strategy connects you with these people. It puts you in the game. Right at the front of the pack. Social media posts, newsletters, blogs, case studies, videos, white papers, infographics and eBooks are just some of the tools we use to tell your story. We’ll sell your sizzle EARLY in the Buyer’s Journey — and start to nurture the relationship so that your potential customers can feel good about doing business with you.

Content Marketing Agency
Content Marketing Agency

How we create a quality Content Marketing strategy

As hard as it is to hear, the truth is your buyers don’t care too much about you. They are human, so they care about themselves. As your dedicated content marketing agency, we’ll produce the material that talks to THEM about THEM and about the problems that THEY want to solve. How? We consistently produce relevant, high-quality content offers that speak to your potential customers about THEIR needs at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey. That’s just one sentence. But it says a lot of important stuff, so let’s quickly unpack the key points for you so you can understand how we approach things.

1. We do it consistently

Before digital marketing was a thing, trees were felled every day to make paper for the first, second, and sometimes (but rarely) third issue of a newsletter — before the whole idea petered out and everyone quietly shuffled back to their desks. Now, with digital marketing, everything has changed. Yet really nothing has changed. People are still the same. As always, everyone is great at starting shiny new things. But keeping them going? Not so much.

  • Look at how many websites have a few blog posts. And then… nothing.
  • Look at how many people are ‘gunna send out regular emails’. And after a while… silence.

Inconsistency stifles your digital footprint. You need to get on top of it. That’s why you need Crockford Carlisle as your content marketing agency to be on the case NOW. We have the systems and processes to make sure the digital content you need to power your campaigns will be created — CONSISTENTLY. Google will notice it. Your potential customers will notice it. Your sales team will notice it. Happy days.

Content Marketing Agency

2. We make it relevent

A profitable Content Marketing strategy isn’t about you and what you do. It is about your potential buyers, and what they want to achieve. To get inbound traffic, your content MUST focus on the needs, questions, concerns and objectives of the people you want to do business with. But writing this type of content isn’t easy to do. Here’s why… You know your products and services very well. As you should. HOWEVER your potential buyers are not where you are. That’s because: They don’t know what you know They don’t understand what you understand They are still figuring out up from down! And that, right there, is the challenge. Your in-depth knowledge makes it very difficult for you to look at your products and services through the eyes of your potential customers. As a content marketing agency, we see this over and over. Websites miss the mark because they only talk to people who are at the ‘decision’ stage of the Buyer’s Journey — and miss out on a world of opportunities with potential buyers who are not at that stage just yet. A tremendous part of the value you get from us as your Content Marketing agency is our ability to ask the right questions. Our writers are experienced. They know how to dig deep to find out what your potential buyers don’t know — and what they want to know. From there, we craft the helpful, relevant information you need to draw potential buyers to your site, engage them for longer, and nurture them until they are ready to spend with you.

4. We produce high quality content that makes you look GREAT

Remember we said earlier that your potential buyers don’t know you yet? And don’t trust you yet? That’s human nature. Before they’re ready to spend money with you, your potential customers need reassurance. They need to feel that you know your stuff. And that you won’t rip them off, shaft them or let them down — as so many have done to them before. That’s why you look at reviews and testimonials before you buy, right? Learn from this. Don’t put rubbish on your website. Don’t send out emails that are not carefully crafted. Don’t slap an eBook together that is loaded with stock images and sparse on information. The writers and designers at Crockford Carlisle sincerely, genuinely care about the quality of output — because we know it is YOUR brand. We do our best to make every piece of content a winner, showing your expertise and helping you to win the trust of your potential buyers. You get such great value because the content we create lasts, in many cases for years. It increases your ROI, and ensures that you have a strong, competitive advantage.

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No matter where you are in Australia, Crockford Carlisle’s Brisbane-based team are here to help. We welcome your call on 07 3891 3800. Or you can click here to shoot us a message via our Contact page. And by the way, that’s another thing you’ll notice about the way we work. You won’t get an agency ‘sales pitch’. Right from the first “Say g’day” meeting, the conversation will be about your business and what you want to achieve. We’ll explore ideas. Look at your competitors. And see what we can see to set you on the right path. From there, if you feel comfortable with our approach, we’ll come back to you with a proposal to build the responsive, well-designed website you need that speaks to your buyers and convinces them to buy.

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