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Donn Hill | Web Developer – Web coder

Is Donn.

Is very, very good at website development.

Donn has had 12 years’ experience in hand coding front-end web production, and multimedia creation.

He specializes in creating smart, responsive websites using the latest technologies, in particular custom WordPress theme design and development.

Donn is a natural born problem-solver who delights in working out the simplest, most stress-free solutions to complex coding problems, and methodically teaching others how things work – in plain English, not geek-speak.

A true perfectionist, he delights in making websites go live, having painstakingly poured his heart and soul into ensuring that all the t’s have been crossed and i’s dotted.

In his spare time (“What spare time?!”) Donn is a SyFy tragic who enjoys relaxing with a good book…an eBook of course!