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Every day, your sales team has targets to hit. To achieve their goals, they need to be talking to people who are close to the point of decision.

We call these your Sales Qualified Leads.

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This page is for you if you want to solve the following problems:

  • You have good traffic. But your website isn’t producing enough leads.
  • The leads you are getting are not qualified (read: time-sucking tyre-kickers)
  • You want to hire new salespeople — and need leads to keep them busy.

Want more qualified sales leads from your website? Let’s start by talking to your sales team

You’ve come to our site because you want more website leads and enquiries, right?

One of the things that we’re told sets us apart from most digital marketing agencies is that we believe strongly in working closely with your sales team when developing your lead generation strategy.

After all, your sales team are the people with their boots on the ground. They are talking to your potential buyers on a daily basis. So they know what a qualified lead looks like!

It seems obvious.

But in our experience, (we’ve been helping businesses to grow for over 20 years now!), opportunity is lost time and time again because this fundamental is somehow lost in the fog.

It’s so easy to get caught up with ‘doing more marketing’ — and forget to talk to your sales team about what they need to succeed.

That’s why our first discussion won’t be about the colours of your logo.

It will be about your current sales levels and your future growth objectives:

  • How many leads you are currently getting each month?
  • Are they converting? Or are they just taking up time to deal with for no result?
  • What does a good, yummy, Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) look like for you?
  • What is your average sale value? How can we increase this?
  • How many SQLs do you need each month to achieve your sales targets?

There are more questions. More discussion. More unpacking. More thinking.

But you get the picture.

Yes, of course we “do marketing”. We are a digital marketing agency.

But make no mistake: the focus of our thinking is how to help you to generate more leads.

And that, dear reader, is something that sets us apart!

What’s a Sales Qualified Lead for your business?

One of the first things we want to do is get a clear picture of the type of leads that your sales team wants to talk to.

These are your Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

We need to know what defines them, so that we can set up your digital sales funnel and use HubSpot’s Progressive Profiling to separate them from the crowd.

Put simply:

  1. We progressively build a profile of potential buyers who engage with your website, so you know more about them.
  2. When a potential buyer ticks all the boxes, your sales team are automatically notified and can then take the next step to progress the sale.

Every business is different. Every sales team is different.

But what is constant is the need for sales teams to:

  1. Reduce the amount of time they waste talking to people who are nowhere near ready to buy
  2. Increase the time they have available to talk to people who are qualified

Let’s look at some examples of criteria for a B2B Sales Qualified Lead

If you are selling in a Business To Business (B2B) environment:

  • Do you want to talk to people who have a specific role?
  • Do they need to be in a specific industry/sector?
  • Do they need to have a project on the boil now? In three months? In six months?
  • Do they need to have a specific problem you can solve?
  • Do they need to be in a particular location? Or have a certain budget?

Let’s look at some examples of criteria for a B2C Sales Qualified Lead

If you are selling in a Business To Customer (B2C) environment:

  • Do you want to talk to people who have a specific problem? Or is it a broad issue?
  • Do they need to be in a specific location that you service?
  • Do they need to have for example, a certain kind of home?
  • Do they need to participate in a certain activity?
  • Do they need to be in a particular age group?
  • Are you looking for people who have a specific health or lifestyle issue?

Whatever it is, when your sales team starts to automatically receive notifications when people who fit your Sales Qualified Lead criteria are ready for a phone call, life will be SO much better!

Where to begin with lead generation… More SEO? More content? What?

Many times, we talk to people who have “Had lots of SEO work done”. Or “Have spent a lot on AdWords”… but are still not hitting their lead/sales targets.

So, let’s look at this in a bit more detail…

Yes, of course SEO and AdWords have a role to play in Inbound Marketing and lead generation.

We are very accomplished at SEO, and our AdWords team know how to get clicks up and costs down. These things are important. They need to be done well.


In terms of getting you more website leads and enquiries, SEO and AdWords are only one link in the chain.

To generate more web leads and enquiries, you also have to think about what happens with the traffic that is coming to your site. If they are just dropping off, not engaging, and not progressing further down your sales funnel, then the ROI from your SEO and AdWords spend will be reduced.

If things in your web sales funnel are a total train-wreck, then that money is wasted.

We see this a lot.

Money is spent. Traffic is increasing. But the rest of the Inbound strategy isn’t in shape – and opportunity just dribbles away.

To generate the leads and enquiries you’re looking for, (yes, here’s the sales pitch!) you need a team of copywriters, designers, strategists and coders who know how to:

  1. Engage your potential customers so they can learn more about you
  2. Win their confidence, so they feel comfortable with you
  3. Make it easy for them to take the ‘next step’ into your sales funnel
  4. Work seamlessly with your nurturing program to deliver the Sales Qualified Leads (or e-commerce sales) that you need

There’s the pitch.

But seriously. You need them. You really do.

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Let’s talk about your website lead generation strategy

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We’ll explore ideas. Look at your competitors. And see what we can see to set you on the right path.

From there, if you feel comfortable with our approach, we’ll come back to you with a proposal to build the responsive, well-designed website you need that speaks to your buyers and convinces them to buy.

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