HubSpot onboarding services

How our Brisbane team help you get more from HubSpot

If you’ve taken the decision to kick off with HubSpot, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything on your “to do” list, Crockford Carlisle can help.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, Crockford Carlisle has in-depth knowledge across all HubSpot functions, to help speed up your business’s marketing, sales & CRM onboarding.

Our expert team can assist you with setting up HubSpot more quickly than you could have on your own. We will help you get on with creating and managing inbound marketing campaigns sooner than you imagined.

Alternatively, once you’re successfully onboard with HubSpot, you’ll have the option to move on to our quarterly inbound marketing packages and engage Crockford Carlisle to continue professionally managing HubSpot for you.

Our HubSpot onboarding packages are customised to suit your requirements. Your package  can include:

  • Technical setup and configuration
  • CRM integration
  • Uploading your existing contacts
  • Design of landing pages and blog templates
  • Transferring existing blogs to HubSpot
  • Setting up initial nurturing workflows
  • Progressive profiling strategy
  • …and more.

HubSpot setup to kick off your inbound marketing sooner

If your team haven’t used HubSpot before, it can be daunting to get started – or even to know the best place to start!

That’s why it makes sense to speak to a qualified HubSpot Partner Agency in Brisbane. We’ll take over the “heavy lifting” and apply strategic thinking that works, to get your inbound marketing campaigns up and running with minimal fuss.

We can carry out all HubSpot onboarding requirements, including:

  • Create subdomains for your blog & Landing Pages
  • Export existing blog posts & import to HubSpot
  • Ensure optimised performance of website Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Set up email forwarding for HubSpot so that end users see their domain
  • Integrate Google Search Console with HubSpot
  • Set up redirects from existing website to HubSpot
  • Recreate contact forms in HubSpot
  • Create custom logins and user permissions for your team
  • Integrate any existing apps with HubSpot
  • Program two-way data flow for your website content
  • … and more.

We offer you a choice of Content Management Systems to build your website with. We can build in the HubSpot CMS, with all the magic of its fully integrated smart content and Inbound Marketing tools built in.

We’re also specialists in WordPress website design and integration, which means we can use HubSpot effectively alongside this well-known and widely used CMS. It gives you the freedom of having your website external to HubSpot, in the unlikely event you ever wish to move on.

Our in-house team includes HubSpot technologists, coders, UX designers, copywriters and senior strategists. Rather than trying to do everything yourself, these experts can apply our proven methods that will get your business up-and-running on HubSpot – and leads flowing into your CRM.

Crockford Carlisle’s 6 stage HubSpot onboarding process

1) Initial HubSpot technical setup

Crockford Carlisle will carry out all the technical elements of your HubSpot portal setup. Our in-house web coders can handle everything from configuring your subdomains, to inserting tracking code for non-HubSpot site pages, and filtering internal traffic.

To ensure HubSpot meets your business’s specific requirements, we can invite your nominated individual team members and allocate their roles with your desired level of authority.

2) Integration of your existing technology

HubSpot is at its best when it helps your sales and marketing teams to work more effectively with each other. That’s why ensuring your current technology works seamlessly with HubSpot is so important.

Crockford Carlisle can assist with integrating your existing CRM, Salesforce, email service provider, and other sales setup. It’s the first vital step in ensuring improved ROI from sales and marketing alignment.

3) Connecting social media accounts

HubSpot is a powerful “force multiplier” for social media, allowing you to automatically schedule posts and make the most of your blogging. Crockford Carlisle will help you connect your business’s social accounts to your HubSpot portal, allowing you to easily post and monitor your social media.

4) Setting up your analytics

Crockford Carlisle’s coders will help you set up your domain and subdomain settings, and associate your Domain Name System (DNS) with your HubSpot content. Importantly, we’ll customise this process according to whether you host your entire website, or just the blog and landing pages, with HubSpot.

5) Content tools & templates setup

Our graphic designers will set up HubSpot landing page templates with your logo and corporate colours, enabling your team to easily create inbound marketing content for all stages of the inbound funnel. We’ll also assist with the setup of your blog and email templates to enable your automated lead nurturing strategy.

6) Handover & initial training – or transition to an inbound marketing package

HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing tool – yet it can certainly be tricky to get across all its capabilities initially. Crockford Carlisle’s HubSpot technologists will finalise your onboarding with a custom training session to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to engage our team to manage your digital marketing, we’d be delighted to kick off with a full inbound marketing package that’s tailored to your business needs.

Talk to Crockford Carlisle about HubSpot onboarding

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