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Building your brand is the first step to connecting with your customers

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Your brand is more than just a logo. It is a complete identity that sets your business apart and takes it into the future.

It takes time to fully develop a brand. Volvo weren’t instantly seen as “safe”, but with decades of diligent brand reinforcement and authentic customer experiences, today they most certainly are.

In this way, Crockford Carlisle creates memorable, authentic brands that tell real stories.

So what does our brand say about us?

It tells you that we are solid and dependable (like links in a chain), creative, professional, contemporary, yet with strong traditional roots.

You won’t get all that just from our logo. But you will experience it, because everything we do, everything we say, and all the creative material we send you will reinforce our strengths.

Branding Agency Brisbane
Branding Agency Brisbane

Why does branding matter?

Your brand shapes your business. It’s the foundation for your marketing collateral. It guides your sales process.

Most importantly, your brand influences peoples’ decision to choose you — and how much they are willing to pay for your product or service.

The way we see it: Marketing and advertising is about getting the word out. Branding is about creating the word.

What our Brisbane branding agency will do for you.

  1. Clarify your vision for your business.
  2. Articulate your brand promise as an authentic, powerful message.
  3. Integrate your name, brand promise and visual identity so you have a clear direction for your marketing.
  4. Position your company correctly in your market.
  5. Help you create a genuine connection with potential customers, which is where profitable magic really happens.

First things first – what’s your name?

Having the right business name and brand promise is critical for your business— and there’s more to getting it right than meets the eye.

For starters, our copywriters will come up with a unique, recognisable name that perfectly represents your brand and the ‘face’ you want to present to the market.

We’ll also conduct a business name search through Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and a thorough URL search to ensure your proposed new name and website is available.

Playing with words is a serious business, and subtle differences carry a lot of weight.

Compare an apple to a banana. At first thought, they are just two pieces of fruit…yet one of those words would NEVER have worked as the name for one of the world’s most profitable organisations.

Business names DO matter. And you want to get it right.

Branding Agency Brisbane
Branding Agency Brisbane

Need a logo designed? That’s the last thing we’ll do!

Your logo is the face of your brand.

But while it is the first thing your customers see, at Crockford Carlisle, designing your logo is the LAST step in the brand development process.

As a branding agency, our first step is to meet with you to find out exactly what makes your business tick.

Before we even pick up a pencil (yes, we still use them occasionally!) to begin the preliminary sketches, we want to know about your philosophy, your customers, your competitors, and your plans for the future.

From there, the hard work begins. Our graphic designers create sketches to stimulate ideas and visualise the types of designs that will create the right impression for your business.

They then hone. Improve. Refine.

Your final options will be simple, recognisable and carefully crafted with the right colour, balance, size and typography — the perfect springboard to make the right impression.

Want help with your brand? Concerned about your brand promise and how it ‘sits’ in the market? Then we are the branding agency for you.

Contact us today to get the advice and help you need.

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No matter where you are in Australia, Crockford Carlisle’s Brisbane-based design team are here to help. We welcome your call on 07 3891 3800. Or you can click here to shoot us a message via our Contact page.

And by the way, that’s another thing you’ll notice about the way we work. You won’t get an agency ‘sales pitch’. Right from the first “Say g’day” meeting, the conversation will be about your business and what you want to achieve.

We’ll explore ideas. Look at your competitors. And see what we can see to set you on the right path.

From there, if you feel comfortable with our approach, we’ll come back to you with a proposal to build a brand that speaks to your buyers and convinces them to buy.

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