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How Crockford Carlisle can help you use marketing automation to achieve your business growth goals

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What if you could ensure that your sales team never forget to follow up on a warm lead? What if you could help them do so in the most effective way? And what if you could test and refine your digital marketing until you’re sure it’s as effective as possible?


That’s all possible – with a little help from marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation works hand-in-hand with your Content Marketing to help you always (24/7) stay at the top of your game in ways that your competitors simply cannot match.

Always? Absolutely!

Even when your sales team are caught up with active leads, your marketing automation system will be working quietly in the background — making the most of every opportunity to show real value to your potential customers and deliver more Sales Qualified leads.

Thanks to your marketing automation, you’ll have nurturing emails (carefully crafted by our experienced copywriters to be warm and engaging), premium content lead magnets (that showcase your expertise), high converting landing pages, and many other tasty resources working away in the background. Always.

The result?

  • More customers
  • Who buy more from you
  • More often

How Marketing Automation can work for your business

Every business is different, and you will have specific objectives and priorities.

But for now, here’s an overview of the outcomes that we can help you achieve at every stage of the inbound marketing journey. 

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

1. Attract more traffic to your website

The beginning of your journey to more profitable growth is traffic. This is where our SEO and Content Marketing expertise plays such a big role.

We have a proven process for developing your automated marketing strategy, ensuring that we take every opportunity to give you the advantage you are looking for.

Our first step is to work with your sales team to clarify the TYPE of leads that they want, so we can set up campaigns to reach them. We’ll want to know:

  • What do you call a Qualified Lead?
  • How are they defined?
  • Who are your BEST type of customers?
  • Who are the enquiries you DON’T want to waste time on?
  • And much more.
Marketing Automation

2. Convert more people into Marketing Qualified Leads

You don’t want your sales team spending time on people who are not ready to buy. Yet you don’t want those potential customers to slip away to your competitors either.

This is where Crockford Carlisle’s approach to marketing automation really shines.

We’ll set up a series of ‘micro-conversions’, where we engage your potential customers over time (it can be days, weeks, even months, depending on the buying cycle for your products or services), gently nurturing the relationship, and drawing them ever deeper into the sales funnel.

These are your Marketing Qualified Leads. They’re not yet ready for the attention of your team. But they ARE in your sales funnel and being nurtured.

Get to really know your leads with Progressive Profiling

Our team can help you use Progressive Profiling to find out more (and more!) information about your potential customers’ problems and needs, BEFORE you even talk to them. You will know your potential customers like never before!

3. Close more sales, bring in more revenue

This is the point of handover to your sales team. Your marketing automation system has taken Marketing Qualified Leads and nurtured them to the point where they are serious.

We now call them Sales Qualified Leads — and THESE are the people your team want to talk to. They are ready to buy!

And remember, with Progressive Profiling, we’ll set things up so you’ll already know helpful information about each lead (For example, the size of their business, or perhaps their main problems/concerns that you can solve) to make the conversation so much easier.

We turn your sales people into geniuses!

Marketing Automation

4. Delight your customers and build up your repeat and referral business

Marketing automation doesn’t end with the first sale. Far from it!

We want to help you build the lifetime value of each customer. We also want to help you to increase the amount of referral business you receive, to make the most of every opportunity to grow your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation with Brisbane’s Crockford Carlisle

Marketing Automation

As a HubSpot Partner agency, Crockford Carlisle is consistently one of the first agencies to gain access to new marketing automation developments and features. It means your campaigns will benefit from our expertise and insights.

We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business and your goals. This can be a meeting at our offices, or if you are outside of Brisbane, we’ll chat on the phone or by Skype.

This is NOT a ‘sales pitch’ for what we do with marketing automation.

It is an opportunity to roll up our sleeves, look at what is/isn’t happening and talk about where you want to see changes in your digital marketing strategy.

We’ll talk about your competitors, where you see your opportunities are and look at your priorities for ‘quick wins’.

We’ll also answer any questions you may have about:

  • Working relationship — how you can get the very best from our team.
  • Reporting — how you’ll be kept informed about KPIs and have confidence in the quality of work being done.
  • Campaigns — how they are structured, and how the entire process works.
  • Outlays — We offer a range of customised Digital Partnership Plans, enabling us to bring our expertise to bear. We can discuss which one is appropriate for your business and objectives.
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Talk to Crockford Carlisle about marketing automation for your business

No matter where you are in Australia, Crockford Carlisle’s Brisbane-based team are here to help. We welcome your call on 07 3891 3800. Or you can click here to shoot us a message via our Contact page.

And by the way, that’s another thing you’ll notice about the way we work. You won’t get an agency ‘sales pitch’.

Right from the first “Say g’day” meeting, the conversation will be about your business and what you want to achieve.

We’ll explore ideas. Look at your competitors. And see what we can see to set you on the right path.

From there, if you feel comfortable with our approach, we’ll come back to you with a proposal to build the responsive, well-designed website you need that speaks to your buyers and convinces them to buy.

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