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That’s why to succeed online, you need a responsive, mobile-friendly website that is easy to use and easy to optimise.

Crockford Carlisle can help you make the most of every opportunity to bring people into your sales funnel, and produce the growth you’re looking for.

5 key considerations for mobile website design

First up, the basics. Your new mobile-friendly website should be designed around:

Conversions & lead generation

Your site’s content and layout will guide your users through their journey, and convert them into leads and sales with strategically placed Calls-To-Action.

User Experience (UX)

Your mobile friendly website will give your users what they want! It will show them the right content at the right time to achieve higher conversion rates and quality leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your new site will be set up with the correct SEO fundamentals in place, so you can be found in search engines for your most profitable long-tail keywords.

Fast load times

Speed is critical both to a great user experience, and to Google. Our coders write lean, mean, clean code to ensure your buyers get the information they’re looking for in a timely manner, and improve the overall SEO of your website.

Cross-browser and multi-device functionality

Your mobile website design will deliver a consistent experience for your users whether they’re accessing it from a mobile device or desktop browser.

Our mobile website design process — good reasons why we do things differently

We meet a lot of gloomy-faced people. They have a website that isn’t drawing traffic. Isn’t engaging. Isn’t converting.

When we talk to them, we find that there is generally a common theme that has caused their misery.

The Big Problem that is usually At The Root Of It All is that their site was made with a “design first — marketing & data second” approach.

It should be the other way round.

Here’s a quick overview of our website design process, so you can get a feel for the way we do things — and how it is so different from what you may have experienced in the past.

Let’s talk:

Before you even decide whether you want to go ahead with us, (you don’t want to work with people you don’t like, right?), you’ll meet with a senior strategist so we can:

  • Understand your objectives
  • Define your website redesign goals
  • Clearly define the scope of your web design project
  • Outline the “must-haves” of your new website

From there, we’ll be able to give you a customised proposal.

It won’t be just a price schedule for a standard ‘template’ website.

Because Crockford Carlisle is a digital MARKETING agency, we can’t help ourselves… we look at your website with a marketer’s eye. We like thinking things through, solving problems, and figuring out how we can help you to gain an advantage. So yes, your proposal will be detailed.

Once you give us the go-ahead, you’ll start working with a team that includes:

  • A content/digital strategist
  • A web copywriter
  • A web designer, and
  • A web developer.

You’ll be working with a seasoned team — people who know what it takes to build a performance-driven website and how to make your project a great experience for everyone.

Comprehensive Website Analysis — Let’s see what’s happening:

Before beginning your redesign, we’ll analyse your existing website’s Google Analytics to fully understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Crockford Carlisle will then hold a brainstorm meeting to finalise plans for the redesign, set goals, and outline exactly how we’ll help you achieve them.

In the strategy phase, we’ll consider:

Your sales process

We want to know how things tick in your business. That’s how we make sure your website will do what it’s meant to do.

Broadly speaking:

• If you are an e-Commerce business, the endgame is clicks and conversions in your shopping cart.

• If you are a service business or selling a high value-product, the endgame is to generate Sales Qualified Leads.

Those two points are a no-brainer.

Where it gets interesting is HOW it all fits together — especially where lead generation is concerned.

It is amazing how many important insights we can get when we talk to your sales team. When we understand their needs, their challenges and their objectives, we can set up your new mobile-friendly website to be a more powerful business growth tool.

Persona Research & Development

Your new mobile-friendly website isn’t about you.

It isn’t about us.

It is ALL about your potential buyers. After all, they are the ones you need to impress, right?

Before we start writing your content, we’ll make sure we understand your target audience so we can create buyer personas. We want to develop a strong understanding of what’s actually important to your customers – and what’s not.

This helps us to create a solid foundation on which to build your website. And we’ll test and validate our understanding through user experience testing over time.

Brand Identity & Messaging

Your brand message is vital. It sets you apart. It gives your potential buyers something to hang on to. It helps build trust with your users, and let them know they’re in the right place to have their problems solved.

We’ll ensure that your new mobile-friendly design has a clear message that supports your vision for your brand.

Information Architecture

When creating the architecture of your website, we make sure we have all the necessary pages users will need to continue their journey.

We think about the different stages that your potential buyers go through as they head towards making a purchase, and make sure that the content on your site meets their needs.

Beginning the website building process

Now, we all know where we are going. We all have clear objectives. We are all on the same page.

With everything in place, we can really roll up our sleeves and get cracking with writing, designing and coding.

Wireframe Creation

Wireframes are the foundation of website designs. This is where we’ll create the layouts of each page and strategise the elements that will help your users through their journey.

Bringing your mobile friendly website redesign to life

From here, our graphic designer will turn these insights into high fidelity mockups. Once you approve them, our web developer will begin crafting your website, on the robust WordPress platform.

At the same time, our web copywriters will create the warm, engaging and persuasive content you need to draw in your audience and tell your story.

Your new website will be built with industry best practices and optimised for quick load times, cross browser compatibility, and mobile responsiveness.

Before launch, Crockford Carlisle will ensure that all website pages follow on-page SEO best practices and everything is in proper working order.

A quick word about the future — what happens after launch day?

You now have a great new website. It’s a valuable asset for your business. You are all set to go.

The next step is to market it, so that it can play its role in your plans for growth and profits.

Our Digital Partnership Plans give you the insights, the expertise and the know-how that will enable you to claim your place in a competitive environment, and draw potential buyers into your sales funnel.

Just as we do with your website build, we work closely with you to clarify your marketing objectives, and put everything in place to make Inbound Marketing a success for your business.

We’ll set up the systems and digital assets needed to draw people through the three-step Buyer’s Journey:

1. Awareness — When they are first looking for answers to their questions

2. Consideration — When they are looking at their options for a solution

3. Decision — When they are figuring out WHO to spend their money with

Yes, all this is a little way off. We appreciate that right now, you are simply focused on getting your new website designed and built.

But thinking about it… planning for it… preparing for it… right NOW, at the website build stage, will ensure you have everything in place and are putting your best foot forward.

That’s why when you talk to us about your new mobile-friendly website, we’ll be happy to give you an overview of the Inbound Marketing methodology, so you know what works and why.

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