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Get your Inbound Marketing off to a flying start with help from our experienced Brisbane team

There’s no doubt that HubSpot is a powerful Inbound Marketing tool. Yet it requires insight and understanding to harness that power effectively – not to mention a considerable investment of time and energy.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, Crockford Carlisle works with your business to successfully launch your Inbound Marketing campaigns with Hubspot. Our expert HubSpot consulting and onboarding services take you through every step of the Inbound methodology.

Alongside the technical setup of your HubSpot portal, Crockford Carlisle’s marketing automation team will work with you to customise all aspects of HubSpot and launch your first Inbound Marketing campaign. This 6-8 week engagement starts at $7,500+ gst, with the option of moving on to rolling quarterly Inbound Marketing management plan.

How Crockford Carlisle sets up the perfect HubSpot launch

1) HubSpot goal setting

Setting SMART goals before your HubSpot campaigns begin is vital. Crockford Carlisle will create a concrete marketing plan with an overview of your complete lead attraction and nurturing process. We’ll look at your current position to give you an accurate picture, and help set realistic goals for your future Inbound Marketing campaigns.

2) Creating your custom buyer personas

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is a crucial foundation for Inbound Marketing. The Crockford Carlisle team will work with you to create detailed buyer personas that will underpin your HubSpot campaigns; helping you to improve buyer engagement and ultimately conversions.

We’ll look beyond the obvious data such as demographics and job titles, and focus on real people’s pain points and queries – and how you can help them. Just imagine the great start to a relationship when you can confidently solve a prospect’s problems and answer their concerns.

3) Developing your HubSpot content strategy

High quality content makes all the difference in helping your business stand out ahead of your competition. Crockford Carlisle will create a focused content strategy that’s customised around both your business and the Buyer’s Journey of your customers.

We’ll create a Pillar and Cluster content plan and blogging strategy. We’ll set up your calendar, research keywords, perform a full audit of your current social media assets and create a social media publishing schedule.

We’ll also help you by setting up CTAs (Calls to Action), Landing Pages, Thank You pages & smart forms to begin progressive profiling of your leads.

4) Planning nurturing workflows, lists, and lead scoring

A major part of the magic of HubSpot is the way it acts as a “force multiplier” for your business’s sales team.

To help your salespeople focus their time where they’re most effective, Crockford Carlisle will help you set up your HubSpot lead management and nurturing, right across your customer lifecycle. This customised process can include workflows, lists, automated emails, and more.

Want to know which leads are most worth following up? We’ll help you define your lead scoring criteria and then set up HubSpot to automatically qualify leads – and let you know whenever they appear.

5) Setting up reporting & analysis

There’s practically no end to the data HubSpot records for you, from the pages that people view on your website to the actions your sales team take – and everything in between.

Yet there’s so much information available that it can easily become overwhelming without appropriate reports and analysis dashboards. Crockford Carlisle will set up relevant, meaningful reporting such as sources, conversions, and competitors, as well as tracking and monitoring campaigns to analyse results and improve productivity.

6) Handover & initial training – or transition to an Inbound Marketing package

HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing tool – yet it can certainly be tricky to get across all its capabilities initially. Crockford Carlisle’s HubSpot technologists will finalise your onboarding with a custom training session to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to engage our team full time to manage your digital marketing, we’d be delighted to kick off with a full Inbound Marketing package that’s tailored to your business needs.

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