Floodgates open for Flexshield

The challenge
Flexshield, Australia’s industrial noise control specialists, and leaders in workshop dividers and PVC curtains, live for leads. However, until fairly recently they were “giving everything away” – brochures, premium content and more – just for the asking. So potential customers WERE asking, but Flexshield had no idea who downloaded what and, more importantly, whether they were converting into customers.

The solution
Crockford Carlisle understood that this was very valuable content being given away, and people would be prepared to “pay” for it, by supplying their name, phone number and email.

We decided to “shut the gate”. Now all brochures and premium content such as a see-at-a-glance “Noise Compliance Checklist” is gated.

The results
Every day Flexshield now receives [an undisclosed amount] of emails from customers-to-be requesting information and – full credit to them – they are very quick to make contact and help solve the customers’ problems.