Alphaline Homes

On the way to achieving sales targets


The challenge

The custom home builders at Alphaline were looking for ways to significantly grow their business. Their goal? Double their yearly sales in two years. But with so many other custom home builders competing for clients, and a general downturn in the housing market, Alphaline needed a highly effective marketing strategy to achieve this goal.

The solution

Alphaline Homes teamed with Crockford Carlisle to ramp up their digital presence. The first step was to workshop the types of customers Alphaline wanted to attract and the types they knew wouldn’t be suited to their highly customised home offerings. This helped to provide a clear focus to both the marketing and sales strategies.

Our team worked with Alphaline to develop lots of optimised content for their website in order to increase their search visibility within a targeted geographic area. We also added numerous conversion points, such as downloadable eBooks and pop up forms, to capture the details of leads who aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a new home just yet. Additional work included adding image galleries to showcase Alphaline’s outstanding home designs, setting up Google Ads campaigns as well as social media advertising.

The results

Alphaline Homes are well on their way to achieving their sales targets. Monthly traffic has doubled on average since we began working with Alphaline and their average contact conversion rate has increased by 1.38%. Alphaline are extremely happy with these results so far and we’re continuing to make further improvements to their digital marketing.