Web Copywriting

At Crockford Carlisle, we’re amazed at how many websites are developed without the services of a professional copywriter or dedicated content writer.

“As long as it looks good, it will do the job…who reads all that copy anyway?” seems to be the attitude of some Brisbane business owners.

Well, two very important groups actually do read it — your potential customers, and Google who will index it for future searches.

If your customer-to-be is interested in a product or service, they will read it.

Every. Single. Word.

Like you’re doing now.

That’s why it’s crucial that your website is:

• very well written (engaging and enjoyable)

• on topic

• full of relevant information

• highly original in content, and

• easy to read, with lots of subheads, and bullet points like these.

Writing for the web is completely different to writing for any other medium.


It’s shorter. Snappier. Straight to the point.

The copy needs to flow, so that it draws the reader’s eye down the page.

Our dedicated website copywriters are highly experienced in writing excellent content for all types of websites.

They will craft your copy so that it speaks to your audience and encourages them to choose you over the hundreds of other providers out there.

As we say in one of our most popular blog posts – How Long Should Website Copy Be? – you should “write to your readers, not for your website.”

And that’s precisely what we do.

Talk to us today about persuasive copy that connects with your target market.