Mobile websites

Never underestimate the power of a mobile website… or how increasingly popular they are becoming!

Although it varies from site to site, mobile websites are now as popular as desktop versions, and in some cases desktop users are a minority group, particularly if your business aims to attract Generations X, Y & Z.

Mobile IS here. It is growing in importance and it is vital that your website not only shows up easily, but is easy to use – on devices of ALL sizes.

There is more to this than just technology.

You also need strategy, because people looking on a mobile want different information than those searching on a desktop. Mobile websites need marketing expertise, because searchers are cutting straight to the chase.

They want what they want, and they need to find it quickly and easily, and take action immediately. Of course, the Call to Action that works on a mobile may be very different to what works on a desktop. That’s where strategic thinking and persuasive copywriting make all the difference to your conversion rate.